CHENG FENG- CHIH HUI CO., Ltd. founded in year 1988 is a professional 3D decoration company, the headquarter locates in Taichung, Taiwan and there is one branch in Dongguan, China and one office in Bangkok, Thailand to serve our customers. For over 30 years, we have invested enormous amounts of time and efforts in developing 3D decoration technology;have accumulated lots of experience in technology and marketing aspects. Our target is to “Beautify Our Life”, so we’d love to share our know-how with our cooperators and improve together.

CHENG FENG is able to supply customers the turnkey plant planning of 3D decoration, related equipment, materials(film and activator)and troubleshooting in process. We hold regular training courses to ensure every engineer can get the latest professional technology. Experienced engineers are the backbone of our company that trains our customers the technology transfer and deals with the technical issues. Currently, there are over 3,000 patterns, including the wooden, marble, carbon fiber, leather, geometry, camouflage pattern in the hunting market and other designs. We keep developing new designs and release them on our website to lead the trend.

With long-term efforts, CHENG FENG gains many customers’ trust and support that makes us a good reputation in this industry and our customers all over the world. We believe that our customers get successful first and then we can succeed that motivates us to work harder.

To strengthen our service to our customers and have the quality standard of our product, CHENG FENG get the license of ISO9001:2008. We select our suppliers strictly. Each supplier is required to provide test reports to ensure consistent quality. Our products comply with RoHS & Reach and get the certificate from SGS. It’s not only to ensure safety for both of our customers and our employees but also to minimize pollution to achieve our concept of sustainable development.