• Obtained the Enterprise Certification of D-U-N-S on April 1, 2020.
  • Obtained the license of ISO 9001:2015.
  • Upgraded our official website and all social media have been on-line.
  • Released our own camouflage brand "MOREAL®".

Released OMD and IMD(INS)film.


Authorized by Liquid, USA to produce a variety of WTP film with camouflage patterns.

  • Awarded as〝Cornerstone of Industrial〞by Federation of Taichung City Industries.
  • The water transfer printing technology of the automotive industry in China gets prosperous. We keep offering the design, develop and production service of the water transfer printing film to the brand, Geely, Changan, Baojun, Nissan, JAC, Lifan, Londwind, Leopaard, SAIC and etc.
  • Trained Havells in India to do the WTP process of the ceiling fans.
  • Developed the WTP film, the deep wooden pattern of the automotive interior for Maruti Suzuki-Swift, India.
  • Developed the WTP pattern, the straight wooden pattern for T600 of Zotye, the design and the sales are both greatly acclaimed.

Developed the WTP pattern film for Luxgen U6 (Geometric pattern) and Hama S7(Carbon pattern), and did the mass production smoothly that made us formally gain a foothold in the automotive industry.


Started from developing the wooden pattern for BYD F6 to enter the automotive industry of WTP development service.

  • Awarded as 〝Model of Industrial〞 by Federation of Taichung City Industries.
  • Obtained the license of ISO9001:2008.
  • Offered the WTP film for the fans of Midea, Emmett, and other brands, also for the air conditioning panel of Chigo.

Developed the wooden patterns for ladies shoes, the well-known brands are BeLLE, Daphne, ST&SAT and etc.

  • Established the international trade department to service our foreign customers in response to the growth of the overseas market.
  • Developed the wooden pattern for the electric guitar of Sony PS.
  • Awarded as〝Excellent Factory〞by Federation of Taichung City Industries.
  • Developed new patterns of the WTP technology for the brand CROCS, in which the sales of EVA clogs keep hot.

Developed the brush pattern and did processing to the heaters of Honeywell, crazy hot sales.


Established the office in Bangkok, Thailand.

  • Obtained the license of ISO 9002:2000.
  • Awarded as〝Innovative and Excellent Manufacturer〞by Small and Medium Enterprise Administration Ministry of Economic and Federation of Taichung City Industries.
  • Developed the WTP patterns to decorate the sports shoes for Puma, Nike, Adidas, and Reebok.

Established the branch in Dongguan, China, mainly for manufacturing WTP film and provide processing service.


Obtained the license of ISO9002.


CHENG FENG-CHIH HUI CO., Ltd. officially established in Taichung, Taiwan and began to provide processing service.


On the early stage of our company, we focused on producing water printing film and develop new patterns.