Cheng Feng Chih Hui have more than 30 years of experience in the water transfer printing industry (also known as cubic printing, hydrographic printing, or hydro dip printing, etc.) and developed thousands of patterns. Water transfer printing has a wide range of applications: ABS, PMMA, PET, PE, PP, glass, metal, and ceramics, etc. WTP decoration can be done by spraying primer on the product surface. With the free choice of materials, goods decorated by the WTP technology are often seen in different categories of products. Among them, wood grains are the most popular: straight wood grains, burlwood grains and walnut wood grains, and etc hydro dipping films. are often used for decorative panels, aviation interiors, car interiors, furniture, home appliances, building blocks, toys, glass frames, electric fans, fragrance machines, switch plates, kitchenware, grips, brackets, thermal bottles, and all kinds of bottle caps, etc.

Printed wood patterns with 3D surface decoration technology help save the trees and provide solutions to logging and export bans. Lifelike wood grains can be achieved by high-quality water transfer printing technology, IMD (IMF or INS) in-mold decoration, and OMD out-of-mold decoration processing.