Cheng Feng Chih Hui specializes in manufacturing the film of three-dimensional surface decoration technology, i.e., water transfer printing, in-mold decoration, and out-of-mold decoration, etc. We can print the same patterns on WTP water transfer printing film, IMD (IMF or INS) in-mold film and OMD out-of-mold film to meet the needs of customers. Also, with the high-performance water transfer printing equipment and excellent processing capabilities, we provide our customers with good service and professional advice from designs to the final products.

As a leading printable hydrographic film manufacturer and supplier, we provide our customers with quality products and good service; from pattern design, film supply, technology transfer and turnkey service, we are highly reputed in the industry and well approved by customers at home and abroad. Our partnership with leading brands of surface decoration providers is successful and our clients can count on us for perfection and satisfaction.