Water Transfer Printing(WTP)

Water Transfer Printing(WTP)
  1. Spray Activator

  2. Transfer Printing

  3. Water Washing

  4. Drying

  5. Spray Paint

  6. Drying

  7. Finish


Water transfer printing (WTP) is also called liquid transfer printing, immersion printing, cubic printing, hydro dipping, or hydrographic transfer. The WTP film can be dissolved in water and transfer the pattern on the product surface. It’s different from traditional techniques which can only apply to flat surface or materials with a small curved surface, water transfer printing technology can apply to various surface treatments, especially for uneven surface and various materials, such as plastic products, glass, hardwoods, stone, fiberglass, ceramics, metal, etc.

During the water transfer printing process, the first step is to spray the activator on film that will activate the ink. Secondly, put the film on the water surface, please make sure there’s no air bubble between water surface and film, then pattern film will expand. Thirdly, dip workpieces into the water slowly, the pattern will be transferred to the surface of the workpieces. After transferring, soaking workpieces into the water for a few seconds will get better adhesion.

After the water transfer printing process, workpieces will be thoroughly washed and dried. Ensure that workpieces are completely dry before proceeding. The final step is to paint workpieces with some clear top coat and make them dry which is an important step since it will protect the pattern well. Products by water transfer printing decoration will be with unique design and attractive appearance that can increase product value and show personal taste. This technology is widely used in a variety of industries, such as the automobile industry, motorcycle industry, hunting markets, camping supplies, kitchenware, household appliances, makeup brushes and etc.


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