In Mold Decoration(IMD-IMF)

In-Mold Decoration(IMD-IMF)
  1. Film Preheat

  2. Vacuum Forming

  3.  Cut the Unnecessary Portion of the Film

  4. Insert the Film into the Mold

  5. Clamp the Molds for Plastic Injection

  6. Finish


In Mold Decoration is abbreviated as IMD. It is a technology that IMD film can simultaneously cover product or transfer pattern to product surface during injecting plastic in the mold. Compared with water transfer printing technology, in mold decoration technology can solve the problem of pattern alignment on workpieces and pattern design won’t be deformed easily. Finished products with IMD film are with the characteristics of corrosion resistance and high scratch-resistance. It is widely used in automotive interiors, home appliance panels, electronic covers, and other products.

This technology is divided into IMR (in-mold roller or in-mold transfer), IML (in-mold label), and IMF (in-mold forming or in-mold film), also known as INS.

IMR (in-mold roller or in-mold transfer) is to print the designed pattern on the release transferring film. During the production process, the transfer film must be preheated, formed, and put into an injection mold. After completion, the IMR film will be removed, leaving the ink and protective layer on the product surface.

IML (In-Mold Label) is a laminated film printed with graphics or logos. During injection molding, the IML film is attached to the product surface. Compared with the traditional labeling, finished products with IML film integrates labels and plastic workpieces once that can have a perfect fit.

IMF is also known as INS which is more suitable for high-curved 3D products than IMR and IML technology. Sage focuses on IMF (INS) film manufacturing in the IMD industry. The processing is to pre-form the printed IMF (INS) film in a high-pressure forming machine, and then cut the formed film. The ink side should be put on the core mold and then do the plastic injection. The IMF (INS) film is composed of hardened transparent film at the upper (the more common materials are PC, PET, PMMA, and etc.), a printed pattern layer in the middle, and a plastic layer (most are used ABS) at the bottom. The position of ink on IMF (INS) film is different from the previous two technology film, IMR, and IML, it is protected well in the middle of the IMF (INS) film. Therefore, it can ensure the excellent colorfastness and high scratch-resistance of the product. In addition, the IMF (INS) film can be integrated with electronic components. Print light-transmitting pattern on the bottom of IMF (INS) film by silkscreen, and use the color and the intensity of the light to present rich visual effects.


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